Our wolves are known for their amazing performances in the feature films, television and over 100 commercials. Unlike the very good CGI work with wolves on "The Day After Tomorrow" our wolves are capable of performing in any capacity you may desire. From a running pack, to FULL CONTACT attacks, the wolf team from Action Animals promises to take you places you have never been and definitely never thought possible other then in a dream!

Currently we are training our wolves for a "Tatra" beer commercial having just completed some incredible attack sequences for the upcoming television series "Into the West" and "Little House on the Prairie".   

In the feature films, Elektra, Time of the Wolf, Bear with me, Gray Owl, Silver Wolf, Fear II, True Heart, The Hunted, Escape from Wildcat Canyon, Big Bear, Ms. Bear, Look Who’s Talking Now and Curse of the Viking Grave.

In television, some of the most incredible wolf scenes ever filmed in Into the West, Little House on the Prairie and the pilot Wolf Lake. Wolf attacks, a wolf pack chasing Lou Diamond Philips through majestic old growth forests at night, and lots of full bore aggression. Check out our demo reel section to see some powerful proof of just how good our wolves are.

In addition to the pilot for Wolf Lake, our wolves have performed in Snow White, The Last Stop, Catlin’s Way, The Outer Limits, Poltergeist, Canadian Dove, Neon Rider, Black Stallion, Destiny Ridge, Max and Call of the Wild.

In commercials for Tatra Beer, Nuprin, Anderson Consulting, Toyota, Molson, Coors Light, SMC Chavalier, and the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council (Quebec)

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