Our tigers are probably best known for doing FULL CONTACT attacks with the crew of Action Animals. With a single or a duo of tigers hitting trainers or handlers at full speed and driving them head over heels 6 yards through the air! It is something that will astound, amaze and thrill you no matter who you are. The is no other company that can create action as powerful and magnificent as what you will see when we let loose a tiger at full speed under total control and safety. If your production is looking for REAL contact, REAL action, then look no further.

Gerry Therrien has trained tigers for many films such as IMAX-India – Land of the Tigers, Texas Rangers, Noah, Bombay Tarzan, Rumble in the Bronx, Bring’em Back Alive, and in television on Wilder Days, Madison, Bosom Buddies, Greatest American Hero, Fall Guy, Sherlock Holmes, Hart to Hart, Matlock and in commercials for Esso, Exxon, Decomeuber, Tropic Blend Suntan Lotion and live performances at The Mars Night Club - AIDS Benefit, Barfly’s, the Snowflake Festival, the Hinton Trade Show, Ravenspur Antiques and the Aida opera

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