We have 3 bears at Action Animals. Broud, one of our cinnamon phase black bears here at Action Animals, is the best working/trained bears in the film industry today. From attacks to walking unteathered down a crowd street, Broud is simply... amazing!

Gerry has also done the bear work in the feature films Impossible Elephant, Lucky Shot, Bear With Me, Lake Placid, Noah, Gray Owl, Changing Places, PT Barnum, Bombay Tarzan, Stranger in a Small Town, True Heart, Big Bear, Ms. Bear, Jungle Book, Bear Skin, Seeks to Hunt Great, Made In America and in television on Snow White, Just a Kid/ Catlin's Way, X Files, Lonesome Dove, Highlander II, Black Stallion, Madison, 21 Jump Street, Max, Call Of The Wild, as well as Commercials with multiple Bears for Honeycomb and other bear work with GMC, Burger King, Kellogg's Mini Wheats, Budwiser, California Republic Bank, Spanish Whiskey, Marlboro, Lumberjack Boots & Shoes, Butter, National Film Board, Renault and Aqua Velva. Gerry also trained the bears in Live Performances for the Kelowna Museum, Snowflake Festival, Bears For Orphan Kids and Ravenspur Antiques.

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