With powerful jaws and teeth as large as a leopards, baboons are a challenge for any experienced trainer to work with. However, Gerry is known throughout the industry as a trainer who does amazing things with primates.

On the feature film, SHAKMA, Gerry worked with a male hamadryas baboon named "TYPHOON" that blew people away... literally! From full scale attacks, to adrenaline pumping aggression, this is some of the most amazing work EVER done with a baboon anywhere, anytime! The most incredible thing about the baboon work is that Gerry brought "TYPHOON" back to his gentle personality with only his words. No matter how many times you see it you will be fascinated by this powerful example of what Action Animals is capable of.

If you want to see animal work that defines "incredible", then check out our demo reel section.

Gerry has also worked a wide variety of baboons on other feature films such as The Fly, Impossible Elephant, Noah, Exquisite Tenderness, Order of the Black Eagle, and Unmasking the Idol. In television work on Wilder Days, Mantis, Madison, Danger Bay, Trauma Center and created Live Performances for Devonshire Downs.

"Buddy", our olive-hamadryas cross bred baboon came to us as an unhandled eight year old male. After only two weeks of gentle training, he was working on the television show “WILDER DAYS” along side a twelve foot albino python and a kinkajou in a small row boat while pyrotechnical explosions shot flames twenty feet into the air only a few feet away.

Buddy has gone on to steal the show in a series of car commercials for Saturn SUV’s. Seated in the front seat, beside a goat, while a great horned owl rode in the back with ALL of them wearing a seat belt while being towed on a process trailer down a very bumpy road.

If you are looking for an amazing baboon, then you have to look no further.

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