With over 20 years of providing for the wild needs of film productions worldwide, Action Animals is the clear choice when you want the very best...

Action Animals is your animal training specialist for:

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From the breathtaking Mayan ruins of Tikal to the Great Wall of China - Action Animals' Gerry Therrien has worked as a animal coordinator and training professional all over the globe. In the searing heat of Africa, on Canada's snow covered mountains, and in the steamy jungles of Central America - there's no one better.

Watching Therrien work is to witness an incredible relationship with animals that only 20 years of experience can bring. The obvious passion he brings to each working environment is impossible to deny, and his presence amongst his ark of creatures is awesome to behold.

His passion, combined with a crew of dedicated and talented trainers and wranglers, makes Action Animals the clear choice when you want the very best.

In addition to Gerry's animal expertise, members of his team are also proven stunt performers, stunt coordinators, and experienced 2nd unit directors.


Fast, Concise, and Professional.

Action Animals can provide you with script breakdowns and budgets for any production.

Whether it be our own budget template or working with your existing Movie Magic Schedule, we can create an up-to-date budget and keep it in scheduling format for breakdown sheets, strip boards, day-out-of-days and one-liners.

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